Construction of the HSB Bumper

The bumper is built up of a soft polyurethane foam, in the interior of which contact chains are disposed immediately adjacent to the actuating faces. The number and the positions of the contact chains depend on the size and the intended application of the bumper. For rail-bound vehicles or rectilinear machine movements normally only the front side of the bumper serves as the actuating face.
The bumper sensor is are built up of mechanically opening N/C contacts connected in series, in the form of a contact chain.


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bumper security category 3
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collision cushion
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Either electrically operating devices to the contact-make principle (two conductive strips or layers are brought together when the safety mat is operated), or opto-electronic systems (a light beam is interrupted) are available on the market. Such configurations need a special evaluator for transforming and processing the output signal.

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