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As a general rule applies: Machinery and devices presenting dangerous movements must be provided with an emergency stop device. This device is monitored by a suitable safety relay unit. The bumper sensor is are built up of mechanically opening N/C contacts connected in series, in the form of a contact chain. Current conducting contacts rollers and insulating intermediate elements (wedge rollers) are alternately lined up on an expander cord. By pre-tension, the contact rollers are pressed together, and the current circuit is made. Actuation of the safety edge leads to at least one pair of the contact roller to separate by action of the wedge-shaped intermediate elements, and the current circuit is broken. Due to the positive break of the supply, transformation of the output signal is not required, since a circuit interruption signal is directly available. This signal is fed to the safety relay unit anyway needed for the E-stop button. Note: Wiring of the contact chain is performed in an identical way as of an E-stop button

Example for safety buffer

  • automation
  • automotive
  • warehouse
  • machines industry plant/ facility hall
  • mechanical
  • engineering
  • outdoors/outside
  • plant engineering car
  • manufacturing
  • indoors/inside
  • indoor use outdoor
  • use assembly shop
  • factory building
  • storage
  • room/storage place
  • NBR oil resistant
  • base resistant
  • coolant resistant
  • ozone resistant
  • dense
  • UV resistant
  • water resistant
  • short response travel
  • large over-travel
  • opening/break contacts
  • categorie 3
  • categorie 4
  • secure,safe
  • soft
  • big doors
  • heavy doors
  • hangar doors automated guided vehicles
  • theatre stages
  • transfer lines
  • handling machines
  • foil coilers
  • printing machines
  • paper coiler
  • mechanical engineering
  • conveyors (conveyor technology)
  • plant engineering
  • automation
  • automotive
  • automobile
  • lifts
  • rotation
  • carriages


safety bumper safety buffer

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